Monday, November 14, 2011

Working 9 to 5...

It's a way to make a living. It's a Dolly Parton song, just in case you didn't know! And I'm not exactly working 9 to 5. I'm currently not working, but that's about to change.

When the hubby and I first got married, we decided I wouldn't work right away. I had just moved and he had already been here for about a year. We thought it would be good for me to take some time to get adjusted to the big city life! I had never lived in a place with a population of more than 260,000ish people, and now I'm in a place of 1,000,000+ people.

Anyway, I've had ample time to get familiar with the area and I've learned my way around. So I began looking for a job. I did the whole job search grind--applying, interviewing, applying, waiting, and more applying. Finally, I found a job that is somewhat related to my degree. I received an offer today! Praise the Lord!

Today, I am thankful to have found a job.

Until next time,
XOXO Amanda

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  1. So proud of you! Your hard work and persistence is paying off! Love you.