Saturday, November 19, 2011

HTC Incredible

I have the first HTC Incredible. Would I say it's incredible?! Not so much, but it's a functioning cell phone. I read an article today about cell phones and whether or not they are a modern convenience or a social surge. Most of the time, I think cell phones are annoying. I can see how they are beneficial in many situations. 90% of the time, however, I think they are a pain. But, these thoughts are for a later post because...

Today, I am thankful for (the modern convenience of) my cell phone. Anytime I am missing or thinking about my Mom, which is pretty often, I can pick up my cell phone and call her. If I have a random question, want to tell her about something I just saw before I forget, or just say hi, I am able to at any given moment. With this being said, I do think there are appropriate and inappropriate places for cell phone use. I try to be mindful of others around me. But, I do enjoy that I can connect with my Mom often and easily.

A cell phone definitely helps with home sickness and missing those you care for!

Until next time,
XOXO Amanda

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