Thursday, March 3, 2011


We have been married for six months now so, technically we are still in the newlywed stage. Our first couple of months as a married couple flew by. We had some fun adventures, some typical of newlyweds, and some not so typical.

In October, we took our first road trip as a married couple. It was a long road trip, a little over 11 hours. And we didn't even leave Texas! I forget what a truly BIG state Texas is until traveling across it. Back to the road trip. The purpose of our road trip was a wedding, my hubby's sister's wedding. The wedding was beautiful. We had a great time and the drive wasn't so bad because we were together. :) Cheesy, I know, but true. Also, I made some fun mixed cds to keep us entertained. And yes, I still use cds. My hubby always likes to point this out, as if I'm the only person who still uses cds.

In November, we had to decide what to do for Thanksgiving. The hubby works an unconventional schedule. He wouldn't have been able to leave for the 6-ish hour drive until late Thursday morning. Due to this, traveling back to NM for Thanksgiving didn't seem too appealing to him. I went home to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Luckily, one of the hubby's friends also had to stay in the area, and they spent Thanksgiving together.

In December, we were both able to go to NM to be with our families for Christmas! I flew back a couple of days before the hubby, and he made the long drive on Christmas eve. We spent the weekend visiting with our families, and it was great! I was so thankful we were both able to go "home" for Christmas. Hopefully it will always work out that easily in the future!

Even though the hubby and I traveled to NM for Christmas, we still decorated our house. We spent an evening, as well as a couple of days, putting up our tree, hanging the mistletoe, and putting the other decorations around the house. Our house was covered in Christmas decorations, and I LOVED it! :) They were everywhere; not a single space was safe! Christmas is one of my two favorite holidays, Easter being the other. A lot of the decorations we had this year were extra special to me because they were from my childhood. They were decorations my Mom and Nana used every Christmas from as long as I can remember. Both my Mom and Nana went through all of their decorations and sent me several boxes full, and for that I am very thankful! It made our first Christmas together as husband and wife very special. We had some old traditions, and have began to make our own as well. :)

Usually, I'm really good about taking pictures, but this year I completely spaced out at Thanksgiving and Christmas. A few were taken, but not as many as I hoped, and none that I want to share. At first I was a little bummed about this, but then I remembered Adam and I took pictures of us decorating our first home together. So, that kind of made up for it. Besides, nothing will ever replace the memories we are making together on our journey through life!