Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Have you ever wanted to go to a NASCAR race?! Well, I've always wanted to go. At least once. Thanks to my hubby and his awesome job, we got the chance this past weekend. I'm thankful for the opportunities we get to partake in because of the company he works for. (It seems like I've mentioned this a time or two before!) The company rented a condo in the Lone Star Tower. Now, that's the way to watch NASCAR!

When I was in high school, my family and I would go to the dirt track races in a town near by where we lived. It was one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. It was exciting to be out there watching the racers and sensing the competition! This experience always made me think I would like NASCAR if I could go watch it in person. I just can't get into sports on TV...not even watching my alma mater in college football (which my hubby can't understand). I would much rather be there, experiencing it person. Even then, I think I do more people watching than game watching. But still, I enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of a live sporting event, especially college football!

Back to NASCAR. It's pretty much an all day weekend event. It's at Texas Motor Speedway, which is the 2nd largest sports facility in the nation. Who knew?! I have heard about NASCAR fans (one of my besties is one), but didn't realize how serious they are. There were RVs everywhere, both inside and outside of the speedway. It seemed that many of them don't leave the speedway the entire weekend. There were some elaborate set ups with campers, bbq pits, porta-pottys, etc. One thing the hubby and I noticed were the amount of converted school buses on the inside of the speedway. People created decks on the tops of the busses and RVs to sit and watch the races from lawn chairs.

The condo we were in was really nice. What made it even better was all the free food and drinks! But seriously, it was great getting to watch the race from THE PENTHOUSE with minimal noise, no wind, and a view of everything around the speedway. We also had access to a roof top terrace. We went up there about 10 minutes before the races started and stayed about 15 or so minutes in. I was NOT prepared for how loud it was going to be. I mean, every person there warned us but, I really didn't think it would be so loud up on the roof. I was wrong. Also, you could feel the rumble as the cars came around the turn closest to the condo. It was awesome!

Another perk was our access to pit passes and golf carts to go down there. We weren't able to go into the actual pit because the races had started, but we could go into the area near the pit where all of the RVs and busses were. We were told it was like New Orleans/Mardi Gras in there. A few hundred laps into the race (they went for 300 and some odd laps), the hubby and I decided to go down there. Someone had already taken the golf cart, so we walked. It was just as loud inside the speedway, but it was neat getting to see the cars zooming by up close.

Here are some of the pictures I took during the day.

And they're off! 
Coming around the curve.
A view of inside the speedway from the roof.
It looked so close sometimes, but there weren't any wrecks.
The position tower showed how many laps were remaining, how many they had gone, and the position of each driver.
A view of Lone Star Tower from inside the speedway.
The track.

A penthouse view!
The hubby and me.
The winner doing some victory spins!
Texas Tech Race Car! Wreck 'Em Tech!
Get Your Guns Up!
We found some fellow Texas Techsans to take our picture by the car!
Before we went to the speedway, the hubby told me he didn't want to stay for the whole thing. He didn't really think he enjoyed NASCAR because he's never enjoyed watching it on TV. It was a lot more interesting and fun (in person) than he thought it was going to be. We ended up staying until the race was over! :)

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Until next time,
XOXO Amanda


  1. Almost like being there! Ha ha. Luvish

  2. We had fun at the circle track, but now you've seen the BIG time! I am glad yall have so much fun. ;)