Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Visiting Adam in Roanoke

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

After the semester was over, I went to visit Adam in Roanoke. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed getting to see where Adam lives! Since he's been there, he hasn't really had a lot of time to go exploring and see what all is around. So we did this together. Friday night Adam had a surprise planned...we were going to Benihana for dinner!!! :) After dinner we went to Grapevine to walk around the Christmas display downtown. Adam read online that Grapevine is the Christmas capital of Texas. It was so pretty and festive! They had a light show right in the center of the downtown square. There was a singing tree and lots of fun decorations! Here are some pictures from the trip...

Me and Adam in front of some pretty lights that lined a walkway. I really liked the walkway and the way it looked! :)

Side view of the light walkway.

Looking into the light walkway.

The gazebo in the center of downtown Grapevine.
The light show was set on a timer and the lights were set up to change with the music.

The Christmas Tree in the center of downtown Grapevine.

The same tree, singing Mr. Grinch.

Decorations above the street...cute reindeer. The decorations above the street kind of reminded me of what Hobbs used to look like when I was younger, not so much anymore.

Also, during my trip to visit Adam I got to see some friends! We went to dinner with William, Kristi, Erin, Josephine, and one of Kristi's friends from church, Tesia. We all met up at Chuy's in Arlington. It was a lot of fun! Since Kristi has been in New York for school, I like to take every opportunity we have to get together! I didn't think to take any pictures. :( After dinner me, Adam, and William went bowling at Splitsville. None of us had ever been. It was different and interesting. There are about 15 lanes (I think) and they are all split up into two or three lanes. It's also a restaurant/bar.

Here is a picture of me and William, my best friend since 4th grade!

TD Ameritrade

Adam took me to TD Ameritrade to see his new workplace. We went on a Saturday so there weren't a lot of people there. It wasn't what I pictured at all. For some reason I thought he would be in a high-rise building, which I can honestly say made me kind of nervous. The building is just one story and pretty long. We looked around inside, but I had to get a visitor's pass first. It was nice. It seems very different from Adam's previous job, but he really seems to enjoy it. The lunchroom has a Wii for the workers to play during lunch or breaks. How awesome is that?! I took some pictures, but am just realizing I didn't think to take any of the Wii. Here are a couple of the pictures...

TD Ameritrade, completely different from my imagination. :)

Me with my visitor's pass.