Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meet Achilles Greer

In July of 2012, we decided to "adopt" another Boston. The family we got him from was unable to keep him when they moved to Texas. He turned 5 months old the day after we got him. He's been a great addition to our family!


At first, we were a little concerned about how Rueger would react to the situation, but he adapted really well. Rueger was our only fur baby for about a year and half, so I wasn't sure that he was going to like sharing Momma and Daddy's attention. It took about a month until he fully adjusted. Now, they are best buds and I can't imagine what it would be like if we had to separate them.

Similar to my introduction on Rueger, I'm going to post some fun facts about Achilles.

1. He loves to chew! {This might be an understatement.} We've had a couple of destroyed things in our home, but we've learned that is ONLY okay to chew on our toys.
2. He loves to snuggle and burrow. If he's sleeping, he prefers to be touching someone or trying to burrow behind/under them.
3. He thinks he's tough and a guard dog. He barks at strangers and foreign noises outside.
4. He loves to ride in the car.
5. When he's ready for bed, it's best to leave him alone because he gets cranky.
6. He's protective of Rueger and doesn't like other dogs to play with Rueger. (This can be cute and endearing, but it's something we are working at lessening.)
7. Achilles follows Rueger's lead - he's learned sit, stay, and up by watching Rueger.
8. Adam belongs to him! He definitely thinks Adam is his human.
9. He is a jumper! He can jump high. When he gets excited, he's like a spring - he bounces repeatedly.
10. Most importantly, he seems to love being a Greer!

Until next time,
XOXO Amanda