Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend with Adam

Adam came to visit me this weekend! I was so excited. He was coming in Friday night and I had this elaborate plan to make dinner. I would start by baking whoopie pies (devil food cookies), then I would make lasagna, and finally I would cook some crescents. I was going to do the crescents last so they would still be warm and fresh when Adam got here. The whoopie pies taste best cold so I started with those. I was checking the second batch of cookies when I encountered an oven problem. The heating coil was shooting sparks up like a fireworks show! :o I called the office and the maintenance man came right away. He's working on getting me a new oven. :) Needless to say, the plan changed. I had all the fixings to make spaghetti and that was the new plan. I finished making the icing for the whoopie pies, iced them and put them in the freezer to get cold. I took a break for a little while and when I was about to get on it again, I had to take my roomie to the ER. She's much better now. Thank goodness. The spaghetti was put on hold until today (Sunday). I made spaghetti for lunch for Adam, his friend Jim and my roommate before the guys headed back to Dallas-Fort Worth. They loved my spaghetti and whoopie pies. It was a hit, despite my setbacks. :) Here are some pictures from my baking adventures before my oven "exploded"!

The first batch of cookies...

The second batch of cookies. They turned out better than the first.

The icing/filling! So yummy! :)

The finished product...

A side view to see the filling! They are a little thin, I will have to make more icing next time.

Me with a plate of whoopie pies!

Can't believe my oven went up in sparks! :o

Texas Tech v. OU

Adam and I went to the Tech game on Saturday! It was at 11:00am. Crazy, I know. The things I do for the boy I love! ;) I made breakfast and we headed out for our day filled with fun.

My adorable future husband!

Adam and me...

Jones AT&T Stadium. Home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

After the big win of 41-13.

"Tech's win makes MIKE LEACH Tech's most winningest coach!"

I am so glad Adam was able to come for the last home game and of course to see me! Two more weeks and I will be on a plane headed to see him. :) I'm excited to see the area where he lives and go exploring.


  1. It truly was an awesome weekend. You are gorgeous, thoughtful, and one hell of a cook. I can't wait to see you when you come here.

  2. Haha to Adams comment!! They look yummy!! I want one .. hehe!!