Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our First Wedding Anniversary

I should start off by telling you a little about my hubby and how awesome he is! I am so proud of Adam and how hard he works. Well, his hard work paid off. This spring/early summer he won an all-expense paid cruise from work. Woo hoo! Actually, it was a prize package that emphasized the cruise, but we had a couple different options. We looked over all of the information and decided that we would go on a cruise since neither of us had ever been on one. Also, we decided to book it as our 1st Wedding Anniversary!!! What a wonderful blessing it was!

Our first wedding anniversary was great! The night before our anniversary Adam made dinner. This wasn't just any dinner either, it was very special. The first year anniversary of our relationship Adam invited me over to his house in our hometown. It was our after our first year of college. He made dinner - salad, teriyaki chicken, sauteed mushrooms, asparagus and dinner rolls. He remembered this all these years later, and made the same meal for our first anniversary as husband and wife! :) Ladies and gentlemen, my hubby is a romantic at heart and definitely a keeper!

After our special dinner we exchanged gifts and ate the top tier of our wedding cake. Okay, maybe not all of the cake. We each only had a couple bites, but it was still good and just as pretty as the day of our wedding!

Most of our actual anniversary, August 14, 2011, was spent traveling. It was the day our cruise left Port Canaveral in Florida. We woke up early for our flight from DFW to Florida, but it was worth it! The cruise ship departed in the afternoon so, we had a little time to explore the ship before dinner. We weren't quite so sure at first that a cruise was going to be for us. There were people EVERYWHERE and it seemed that it was going to be a very crowded week. However, we learned that it's just typical first day hustle and bustle. It wasn't so bad the rest of the week. Don't get me wrong, it was crowded, but much more enjoyable after the first day.

The first night at dinner was fun! Let me clarify, all of the nights at dinner were fun thanks to our dinner companions and our awesome waiter. But, the first night was special since it was our anniversary and my hubby had a little something up his sleeve. Even though it was a casual dinner night, we kind of dressed up to celebrate! Adam had told the staff that it was our anniversary. Our waiter with his two assistants brought out a cake with a candle and serenaded us with an anniversary song to the tune of Happy Birthday. It went something like this...

Happy Anniversary to you, kissy kissy (at which point we had to share a kiss!). This was repeated about three times, with our waiter Allen shoving us together on the "kissy kissy" part. Then we had to blow out our candle together. It was a little embarrassing, but fun at the same time!

Here we are before dinner.

We had a wonderful first wedding anniversary and couldn't be more blessed. I'll post pictures and more about the cruise later.

Until then,
XOXO Amanda


  1. I love your blogs! What a wonderful way to document your life journey with your soulmate. Love you both!

  2. when i saw this in my news feed i was confused, haha! but then i got excited realizing you are blogging again!!