Sunday, February 14, 2010

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! The Big 25

It's official, I'm a quarter of a century old! Ha ha! My birthday was technically yesterday, but since it fell on a Saturday, I celebrated all weekend! I usually celebrate for a couple of extra days, if not a full week or weekend, since my birthday is the day before Valentine's Day. And I'm blogging today because obviously I was enjoying my actual birthday yesterday.

Adam came into to town. I was so excited he was able to come for the weekend because he has President's Day off. I hadn't seen him since MLK Jr. weekend in January, which is far too long! He made it to Lubbock early Friday evening, but we didn't go to on to Hobbs because he had a surprise planned. I got a Wii for Christmas from my Mom. I've really been wanting one. There's just one thing, my TV is pretty old. While I'm not really particular about TVs, Adam thought I should have a new one for better Wii use. So, he talked to my Mom, my Nana, and his parents and they all went in for my birthday to get me a new TV! WHAT A GREAT GIFT! :D We spent our evening on Friday looking for one. (That's another story for another time.) We ended up getting one at Best Buy. We took it to my apartment, hooked it up and it worked great for about 30 minutes. All of a sudden these green, vertical lines appeared. They eventually went away, but Adam didn't want to take any chances. So, we packed the TV back up on Saturday morning and took it to back to Best Buy. They had more of the same TV, but we both really liked the LGs and Adam didn't think it was a good idea to get the same TV again. Right now is the time of year that TVs from 2009 are being phased out for the new 2010 models to be released. This meant they couldn't order the LG for us.

What to do, what to do?! Adam is going to look for a TV in the DFW area. If he can't find one there we have a problem! Lol! It was kind of a bummer that things didn't work out, but now this just means Adam will have to make another trip back to Lubbock to bring me the TV and I will get to see him again! :) My Mom and I were going to do some more wedding stuff this weekend so, I think he is going to bring it then and do the wedding stuff with us. It's very exciting to get to see Adam two, count that two, weekends in a row!

The rest of my birthday weekend was wonderful! We came to Hobbs on Saturday after taking care of the TV stuff. I love being able to spend time with my family. We didn't have my party on my actual birthday because my cousin, Justin was out of town for FFA. Instead we got together on Valentine's Day. Adam and I have to head back to Lubbock tomorrow because I don't have President's Day off from school...BOO! On a happier note, here are some pictures from my birthday!

Erin brought me cupcakes for my birthday!!! :)

Chocolate and Red Velvet! What could be better?!

Isn't it pretty?!

My birthday cake!

My (favorite) uncle Chris! He's the life of the party! ;)

My aunt Tika!

My Mom and Justin. He's a goofball, but it's what I love about him!

Here's the normal one.

My Gran!

Justin and Nana!

Me and Adam

Mom and Me

My Valentine's Day flowers from Adam! Daisies are my favorite! :)


  1. Is that Justin, the little boy I met a few years ago?? Or am I thinking about another one of your cousins? He's all grown up and I didn't recognize him if that's who I have met!

  2. That is Justin!!! He is all grown up! Lol! I forgot you had met him. Was it at Trails?

  3. Ryan's had a lot of success buying tv's online...I try to stay out of that area! LOL! Ryan order me one for my birthday/valentine's last year and got it delivered to the front door! :) Hope this helps a little! Happy late Birthday!!

  4. Thanks Masey! We considered it, but Adam wanted me to have one now. Lol! And we couldn't ordered the LG I wanted from Best Buy. They have stopped production on a lot of their TVs because they are about to introduce the 2010 ones. We ended up going to Sam's here in Lubbock. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Hope you enjoyed the birthday/love weekend! :)